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Sensiv Cocopeat when it comes to quality, never compromises at any stage of the product metamorphosis, right from the raw material selection stage to the shipment stage. It exercises stringent quality control measures on par with international standards to offset the stiff market competition and to meet global quality benchmark that very few exporters match. The raw material namely the coconut husk is sourced from the coconut that are inland since coconut husks from the land near the seashore are liable to contain excessive salt content in the husk which is a detrimental factor good quality. The husks are transported to the factory premises using own trucks and stocked near the drying yard. Then they are checked for EC and pH content. Thereafter sent for thorough washing in tanks for removing excess salt content which many manufacturers do not adapt this cumbersome process.

Then it is left for about five days to drain the water in them. In the next stage it is dried using plastic sheets spread in the drying yard. These plastic sheets prevent sand mixing with the peat or any other weed or foreign particles to the peat.

Again the dried coco peat is scrutinized for EC and pH content level and for other contaminants through screening and separations. Then it is sent for compression as per the standard sizes that are ordered by the clients. As a final pre shipment check there again the peat is checked based on the following quality parameters such as EC and pH, peat expansion level, weight, break out volume and particle analysis or grading.

The final stage is to pack these peat blocks that is usually as per the sizes preferred by the buyers packed in containers that are fumigated using Methyl Bromide and sent away to foreign and local buyers safely.