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Cocopeat Disc

Cocopeat disc is a 100% organic,bio degradable,eco friendly and renewable resource.Coco peat disc is available in neem mix also.

Specification: dia 8cm x 3 cm, 100grams weight, expansion volume (1 to 1.5 lits).

Available sizes: dia 8cm x 1.5cm, 50grams weight, expansion volume (0.5 to 1 lits)




Sensiv Cocopeat product ranges are coco fibre, coco peat, curled fibre, coco pith blocks,cocopeat disc,growing bags, fibre mats in various size and weight. Other products are coco chips and coco husk chips. The machinery for coir industry are husk cutter, turbo, pith block making machine, coir baling machine.     

Among the coco based products coconut kernels are widely exported to foreign countries. They are dried flakes of coconut kernel and it is easy to be used readily in the kitchen. Mostly gulf countries and western countries consume dried kernels. The local Indian consumption for copra is also in large volumes, especially in North India. The other product is the coconut oil that is in large consumption both in India as well as overseas nations. The by products like coco peat, coco fibre rank first and second in terms of volume consumed by people for varied applications. The coco fibre has innumerable uses such as for rope making, for coir mattress making, for upholstery industry, brushes, cleaning bristles, etc. The coco peat is mainly consumed in the home gardening, nursery preparing, horticulture, agriculture, etc. Similarly other products coco husk, coco chips, coconut shells are used for many purposes both in India and abroad. Among many exporters and manufacturers in India Sensiv Coco peat has a good reputation for its quality and professionalism in business.