Coco Peat


Coco peat or coco pith are one and the same product referred in different countries by two different names. This peat is a by product of coco fibre. In coco fibre extraction the so called pulp or covering of husk over the coconut is called the fibre. This fibre is used for many applications in various industrial products. While removing this covering or husk which contains the pith attached with the fibre we get two products namely the coir fibre and the coco peat or pith. These pith appears like saw dust. These coco peat are compressed into blocks called coco peat bricks, making it convenient for transporting to far off destinations by exporters.

Technical specifications:
Cocopeat or pith since they are similar to saw dust, they are bulk in nature. In order to facilitate easy logistics it is conveniently compressed into blocks of various sizes. Normally they come in 650 grams bricks and small bales of five kilo and ten kilo blocks.       
coco peat block
Coco peat Blocks Sensiv Cocopeat Specifications
Sensiv Cocopeat Packing     5 kg blocks
Coco Peat Block dimension (+2cm) 30x30x10 cm
Unit weight   ( +3%)  5 kg
Moisture Content in Peat Block 10 – 15 %
Compression ratio for Peat Blocks     5: 1
Dehydrated yield 1litre  75 litres
Sensiv Cocopeat Packing 
Palletized stretch wrapped and strapped / Non palletized bare block loading on container floor

Cocopeat is a by product in the process of decortication of the coconut husk to make coir fibre. The cocopeat powder thus obtained is seived, washed, dried and finally compressed in to blocks or briquettes. Cocopeat briquettes can be used for wide rage of planting requirements and can also be mix with other components, i.e Sand, garden compost, loam and soluble fertilizers to make your ideal potting compost.

coco peat-bricks
Cocopeat briquettes Sensiv Cocopeat Specifications
Sensiv Cocopeat Packing     650grams
Brick Dimension (+ 0.5 m) 20 x 10 x 5cm
Unit weight (+ 3 %) 650 grams
Moisture Content 10 – 15 %
Compression ratio    8:1
Dehydrated yield 1litre  9 litres
Sensiv Cocopeat Packing    
Palletized stretch wrapped and strapped / Non palletized bare bricks loading on container floor

Coco Peat Planting Bags

Introducing the plant bags, ready to use with the container and growing media. Planting bags are available in different sizes.Sensiv Cocopeat Grow bag is widely used to grow plants in green houses in large quantities. The Grow bag is an idealalternative to peat moss slabs and other artificial products such as Rockwool slabs etc, particularly with its biodegradable qualities.

coco peat -grow bags
Compressed peat size   25 x 19 x 5cm
Size after hydration 25 x 19 x 27cm
Planting Bag weight  1 kg approximately
Hydrated Volume 13 litres
Compression 5:1
Ec <0.6m S/cm(1:1.5 v/v)
pH value 5.5-6.8
Sensiv Planting bags Packing     Plastic bags, black inside and white outside 3 years U/V treated
Loading 1100 bags per pallet, 22MT per 40’
cocopeat grow bag
Grow bag slabs Compressed Hydrated Loadability 
  (100x18x3cm) (100x18x12cm) 7380 Bag per 40’
Available sizes (100x20x3cm)  (100x20x12cm)  6620 Bag per 40’
  (120x15x3cm (120x15x12cm) 7860 Bag per 40’
  (120x20x3cm) (120x20x12cm) 5960 Bag per 40’

We can supply Cocopeat in BRICKS, BLOCKS, GROW BAGS of different weight or as per buyers requirements