coco chips
Coco Chips  

Coco chips are nothing but the regular slicing of the husk of the coconut in uniform sizes. These are used in farming industry and other agricultural practices in India and other countries like Canada, U.S., U.K., Australia and other developed nations.Coco Husk Chips helps fertilizer in giving its full efficiency in any soil and in any weather condition. Sensiv Coco Chips are free from weeds, prevents insects & harmful fungi

Coir dust is a 100% natural Biodegradable by product from the coconut fibre industry. It is the left over dust after extraction of fibre from fresh water cured coconut husks. Coco chips are proven as excellent medium for growing plants like orchids, bromelias, anthuriums hydrophonic growing etc. Their characteristics like excellent drainage and nutrient-holding capacity helps the healthy growth of plants.Sensiv Coco Chips are available in various chip sizes ranging from 2mm to 6mm.The Coco Chips are shipped in Bale Format,, and also packed to your requirements.For More details Click here to Enquire

coco husk chip